Duo Security Support

IdExchange supports the issuance and management of the Duo Security MFA credential for organizations desiring MFA security for critical applicationns and platforms.


  • Provisioning to Duo Security after identity proofing
  • Device verification via MDM
  • Self service wizard for Duo device registration
  • Separation of duties and logging for Duo provisioning
  • Automatic Duo de-processioning on employment status separation


CyberArmed IdExchange

Duo Security Subscription https://duo.com/

InTune Mobile Device Management System

PIV Credential

Duo Remote Registration

Performing Remote Identity Verification and Duo Credential Delivery

An user that is remote and cannot visit the corporate security office can be remotely verified. This is useful for when the user requires high assurance Duo credentials, needs emergency access but cannot access their PC, or general mobile authentication.


Mobile device (iPhone,Droid). The camera will be used to capture data.

Duo Mobile App


Applicant applies for Duo Credential

Applicant receives and installs a temporary credential

Applicant takes photo, scans documents, and registers for Duo Security

Authorized official will validate identity data

Authorized official will approve Duo Security Credential

Applicant download Duo credential

Duo credential is automatically initialized