Our HID global products help organizations implement strong identification for multi-factor authentication needs. Advanced PIV Authentication streamlines the credential issuance process by allowing administrators the ability to print and issue PIV id cards on premise.


HID CMS allows organizations to move beyond simple passwords and deploy the best strong authentication solution for their environment. Choosing from a range of credential options, including smart cards and USB tokens, organizations can authenticate users to a wide variety of desktop, network, mobile, cloud and productivity applications. Click here to learn more about it.

HID ActivClient

ActivClient allows users to get some much more from their PIV based credentials. It allows operators to automatically provision certificates, enable self service credential updates, advance diagnostics and multiple ID based credentials.

HID Approve

HID Approve™ is a next-generation multi-factor authentication solution that combines the security of public key-based cryptography with the convenience of mobile push notifications. HID Approve delivers a simple and secure way for users to authenticate and verify their transactions.