Suprema Biometrics

Our Suprema biometric product line enables organizations to quickly integrate fingerprint technology for additional identity assurance and verification. The fingerprint scanning systems we offer are perfect for multi-factor authentication, fraud reduction, and PIV card self-service management. Additionally, they can be used for remote enrollment when paired with our remote enrollment kit.

Desktop Fingerprint Scanners

Suprema BioMini Slim

The Suprema BioMini Slim has been designed specially to provide high level security solution for desktop PC and complex network environments. With its proven reliability of FBI-PIV and FAP20 certifications, BioMini Slim features advanced live finger detection (LFD) technology. Packed in a sleek and ergonomic design, it features Suprema’s latest slim 500dpi optical sensor with large platen size for easier capturing.

2 Print Mobile Scanners

Suprema RealScan-D

The Suprema RealScan-D is a portable dual fingerprint live scanner blending superb optical technology with loads of latest features. With its sleek and ergonomic design, RealScan-D offers maximum performance under harsh environments and guarantees precise image capturing for wet and dry fingers.

10 Print Rapid Scanners

Suprema RealScan-G10

The Suprema RealScan-G10 is a compact live-scanner for single and ten-print capture. Suprema’s advanced optical technology allows high-speed image capturing and seamless image processing. IP54-rated dust and water resistant housing makes it suitable for indoor and mobile environments With its proven reliability of FBI certification, RealScan-G10 is the perfect portable live-scanner for civil and criminal applications.