Discover IdExchange™, the fastest way to issue corporate PIV Card credentials

IdExchange™ is an end to end corporate PIV Card issuance platform founded on PIV standards, calibrated for enterprise environments. IdExchange is the perfect platform to enable organizations to easily issue standards based corporate PIV cards efficiently in a way that can be finely tuned for their business and security needs.

IdExchange™ at a glance

Flexible Identity Proofing

Whether your corporate security policy requires full photo, fingerprint and document capture, or just minimal email address verification, IdExchange makes it simple to define policies tailored exactly to your needs.

Customizable Credential Production

IdExchange provides the widest array of corporate PIV Card credential production options in the market. Use in-house or shared service certificate authorities, print different card typologies and even mix and match different certificate templates on one credential – all of which give organizations the options they need to fully implement multi-factor authentication (MFA) in the manner that best fits their security and business needs.

PIV Card derived credential

Built in Derived Credential Support

Easily synchronize digital certificates to your mobile devices with the push of a button. IdExchange supports virtual smart cards and connects to industry leading mobile device management systems to be able to easily “derive” new certificates based on the user’s existing corporate PIV Card MFA credential.

Duo Security

Microsoft InTune

Issue and Manage Yubikey FIPS Devices

Implement the most advanced and user-friendly hardware MFA token to fortify your most important resources. IdExchange implements the identity proofing and credential issuance necessary to issue and manage Yubikey devices at scale.

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Specialized MFA Analytics

With a glance, understand how your MFA issuance system is performing. Obtain key metrics to help understand how MFA issuance system is performing and to ensure your organization deploys MFA in a matter that results in the most effective return on investment.

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