Automated Credentialing

Our automated credentialing solution will handle the tedious process of printing and encoding cards in batch, leaving you with extra pair of hands to focus on other tasks. Using this approach, an organization can print and encode large numbers of cards quickly, without requiring a large staff.

Free up staff

Let the machine do all of your credentialing work so your staff can focus on more important tasks.

Rapid Issuance

Quickly issue MFA credentials to large numbers of users within days, not weeks or months.

Automate security workflows

Automatically issue an MFA credential as part of the employee’s on-boarding process.

Streamline Issuance

Eliminate cumbersome, manual processes to allow users to receive their credentials much faster and more securely.

Cost Effective Central Issuance

Set up an internal central credential issuance capability with HID’s easy to purchase HDP5000 printers

Simplify MFA Roll-out

Eliminate traditional MFA deployment barriers by automatically and securely producing large numbers of credentials.

How automated credentialing works

The setup is composed of the following components:

1) IdExchange

2) Personal Credential Assistant (PCA)

3) HDP 5000 Printer


While using IdExchange an authorized user will select the users to be credentialed. Next, the PCA workstation will interact with the HDP5000 printer to encode the credential and then print the credential. Once complete, the card is ejected. This automated credentialing process repeats itself over and over again for each new person that has been selected.

PIV ID Printing Station
  • Step 1: Request Credential

    Using an API or manually locating the user, the organization will submit a credential request to the IdExchange system. The request is then validated and queued for processing.

  • Step 2: Encode

    PCA feeds the card into the printer’s smart card reader where the card is inspected and encoded with the user’s digital certificate. After the encoding process, the card is locked for security purposes

  • Step 3: Print

    PCA feeds the card into the printer’s printing bay where the card is printed with the user’s data. After the printing activities, the card is ejected.

  • Step 4: Securely distribute

    An authorized operator will obtain the cards and then inform the user the card is ready to be picked up. The user will then be verified and then will securely unlock the credential and set a new PIN.