Our data protection products allow you to quickly employ the strong cryptography controls to enterprise data. Given the criticality of secure key management, we also offer products that enable the strongest key protection for state of the art, multi-cloud environments.

Hardware Security Module

The HSM is a critical element of any enterprise data protection tool set. The HSM allows organizations to securely store their encryption keys in a manner that enforces multi-peson control, auditing and tamperproof security.

  • Secure key storage
  • Tamperproof
  • Multi-Level Controls
  • Cryptographic Acceleration

Validation Authority

The VA allows organizations to drastically improve their PKI operations by providing quicker validation times as well as fault tolerance. Key features include:

  • Security – ActivID Validation Responders have no private keys, so are less vulnerable to exploitation. They cannot provide false responses, even if compromised. Additionally, they use FIPS 140-2 certified cryptography.
  • Scalability – ActivID Validation Responders can be rapidly deployed in any number of locations and scale to meet the needs of hundreds of remote sites.
  • Availability – ActivID Validation Responders can be easily replicated in many locations for high availability, with excellent survivability under attack.
  • Performance – ActivID Validation Responders can be placed close to relying parties to deliver extremely low latency for OCSP responses.
  • Cost effective – ActivID Validation Authority licensing allows for unlimited Validation
    Responder deployments at a fraction of the cost of the Traditional OCSP model. In addition, there are no per-transaction costs.
  • Delegated validation – ActivID Validation Authority supports the Server-based Certificate Validation Protocol (SCVP), to confirm the authenticity of the issuing Certificate Authority (CA). This is especially relevant in a federated PKI comprising multiple CAs in which each party requires the ability to validate the status and
    authenticity of other’s credentials.
  • Ease of management – The ActivID Validation Responders represent stateless, appliancegrade functionality, guaranteeing that only the central ActivID Validation Authority requires management.
  • Standards compliant – ActivID Validation Authority integrates seamlessly with existing PKI products from HID Global and other vendors, through standards, such as X.509, OCSP, SCVP and LDAP.